Ittehad Textiles industries Ltd This year launched Rangoli collection Depicts very bold patterns and colorful ensembles.The collection showcases some extremely indigenous motifs and patterns, and the outfits have been designed to showcase how they may be utilized in everyday wear as well as some really fun styles.House of Ittehad has brought such painting illustrations of the world renowned artists.These master pieces are imported from USA and all over the globe for those who know the flavor of art because the only thing that can decorate your "Wardrobe"  and fill your cupboard with colours is a striking painting with lovely shades.These Ittehad Lawn Embroidered Swiss Voile Dresses are Such a art wonders that are timeless and Remarkable Designs.Ittehad Textiles believes that Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.Grab Life by the Reins, A day out in the Sun,Lets take a walk with Lawn of the Year Ittehad Lawn Spring Summer Collection 2013.Because i believe that everyday is a fashion show the world is your runway and Style is a way to say who you are without having a speak.Elegance is an Attitude  and Swiss Voile is the perfect voile for the season.

 ITTEHAD Rangoli Lawn 2013
 Embroidered Swiss Voile Spring Summer collection 2013
 ITTEHAD Summer Collection 2013


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