Today we are publishing Gul Ahmed Summer Lawn 2014 Vol-1 Collection, and this silk collection is another component of volume 1. In Silk Dresses Vol-1 Clothing9 has gathered  Digital Silk, Renaissance Silk, Rosaire Net Silk and Trencia Satin Silk presented by Gul ahmed in summer 2014 Vol/1. Digital Silk contains 3 digital style dresses and decorated with digital prints, embroideries and dyeing techniques featuring Swiss Voile and Silk fabrics. Renaissance Silk include only two silk dresses designed for luxury lifestyle of evening parties. In Renaissance Silk Collection 2014, Gul ahmed has offered Embroidered shirts, printed sleeves, embroidered laces, embroidered yoke, Buttons, Printed Silk Dupatta and dyed Salwar. Rosaire Net Silk is include all luxury elements with signature style of Gul Ahmed. In Rosaire Net Silk, Gul ahmed has launched 4 elegant silk dresses nourished with fancy embroidery, buttons, laces and glitter printing. Trencia Satin Silk is influenced with great western and eastern designing philosophy, brought for the modern women. Gul Ahmed Silk Dresses for Summer 2014 Vol-1 has made with luxury spirit on native printing patterns. The Silk collection 14 comprises the English shades composition with bold hues. Gul Ahmed Silk is the perfect blend of modern designing abilities. In this silk'14 designer team of Gul ahmed has shown variety of elements with printing, embroidery and dying. So let's take a glance on Gul Ahmed Summer Collection 2014-2015 for more detail.

Gul Ahmed Digital Silk Dresses in Summer 2014 Vol-1

Prices 5,500/=                        5,500/=                                   4,800/=

Trencia Satin Silk

Price Rs 5,200

GulAhmed Trencia Satin Silk Summer Collection 2014

Price Rs 5,500              &                           6,500

GulAhmed Silk Dresses

6,000                             &                              6,500

Silk Dresses for Summer 2014

6,000 Pkr

Gul Ahmed Silk Summer 2014 Vol-1 Collection

Price Rs 6,000

Renaissance Silk Summer Collection 2014 Vol-1

Rs. 5,500                    and                   Rs. 5,800
 Rosaire Net Silk'14
Rs 5,500                                and                                  Rs 4,500
 Gul Ahmed Summer Rosaire Net Silk Dresses
Rs 5,500


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